Productive process

Productive process

We must lead our production process at low cost, drastically improve the satisfaction of our customers at the National and International levels to help our company achieve the expected profitability for the continuous and sustained growth of PLASTIPACK S.A. through time.

We have a manufacturing capacity in the extrusion process of 450 tons per month, with the properties of dimensions, bellows, gauge, graffile with and without pigment, which is supported by the quality of our raw materials in low, high polyethylene, linear, additives, pigments and biopolymers.

The manufacturing capacity in the printing process is 150 tons per month in polyethylene and 40 tons of bioengineered and monoriented polypropylene with flat printing and polychromy up to six inks.

The processes of final product finishing and verification are: Slitting produces 80 tons per month, and sealing produces 120 tons per month, in the manufacture of bags with flaps, bellows, T-shirt, industrial bags, sheets for food, and many more up to one meter wide by three meters long.

Film Blown Extrusion