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Be a company recognized nationwide in the flexible packaging sector, manufacturing high quality products with efficient technology according to the needs of our customers, reaching new markets with competent personnel and operational efficiency.


Manufacture flexible packaging while ensuring sustainability, quality and compliance, with qualified and trained personnel, generating a competitive advantage that allows us to maintain long-term business relationships through an ethics and transparency policy.

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High performance polymeric material used as food separators for cheeses and cold meats, wraps and sheets for hamburgers and sandwiches, pockets for prepared foods, water resistant to-go bags, among other applications.

Why Plastipack?


Our environmental policy is based on four pillars, to each of which we have assigned, principles to guide our progress. These pillars are:


1. Environmental impact

2. Legal compliance

3.Use of resources

4. Relationship between parties

Productive process

” Be effective, innovative with constant development of new projects and strategies, all in benefit of the quality of our products, and the responsible use of resources and the environment.”

Quality Management

Our processes are supported since 2001 with the ISO 9001-94 certification and permanently ratified through recertifications granted by the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC), with the ISO 9001-2008 version of January 2013 and the ISO 9001-2015 version of March 2018.