1 to 3 Layer Extruded Polyethylene



Specials (Additives)

Plastic materials from which films are obtained for the manufacture of bags and rolls for different commercial and industrial uses. It has properties that make it ideal for the development of a wide variety of packaging.

This material is one of the most versatile polyolefins in the plastic packaging world, has greater rigidity, hardness, and strength than polyethylene. It has a barrier to oxygen and water vapor. It has excellent mechanical properties, high brightness, and transparency.

Plastic resin based on starch from organic byproducts that can be processed by injection or extrusion methods using conventional equipment. With optimal mechanical properties and similar processing parameters, they are the sustainable solution for replacing petroleum-based polymers such as polyolefins and styrene. These resins are designed to return to nature through different ways such as industrial composting and at home or by biodegradation in different environments that may include soil, water, or anaerobic digestion.

We have a wide variety of approved materials for applications with special or determined characteristics.